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Many people think you should be glad for what you get. “Modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue” as Joseph Addison wrote in The Spectator on 24 November, 1711. There’s a lot of truth in this. We recommend you come to the Daniel. You’ll want for nothing here. So you’re sacrificing nothing at all when you book your room right here on our website. Best prospects at the best prices – all included!

  • We are always working hard to fulfill all wishes and preferences – especially for direct bookings we put everything on the verge to take into account the concerns of our guests priority.
  • You won’t find these benefits anywhere else at such attractive prices. You save on unnecessary extra fees or charges.
  • Obviously, you can use our WiFi throughout the hotel for free.
  • The best way then to continue is with 2 wheels. For those who book directly through our website rent our Daniel Electro-Vespas for a special rate of €25.00 per day (including helmet).
  • Or do you prefer bicycles? No problem – we rent them as well and you get -50% reduction if you make you reservation directly with us.
  • Looking for a gift for yourself or the beloved ones? The popular Daniel soup is yours with -50% as well and you get a discount of -10% on all other shop items.
  • And last but not least an organics welcome drink (Simply Cola, Bitter Lemon, Ginger or Tonic Water) is awaiting everyone who reserves their accomodation directy at the Daniel Graz.

So book now and look forward to a great stay! What you are you waiting for?

Book Now!
Call us. It’s quick!
+43 316 711 080-0
Book Now!
Call us. It’s quick!
+43 316 711 080-0
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