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Next question, please.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the Daniel. Or didn’t want to know. Either way, simply click on the question and you will get your answer. Any questions?

Where can I park, how can I find a parking space and what does it cost?

At the hotel car park, where also 2 charging stations* are located for electric vehicles. Just turn right three times. Don’t worry, we will explain it to you in more detail in person. But you definitely don’t need a SatNav. It will cost you € 13. Reservation is needed.

*E-vehicles can be charged directly via the SMATRICS provider using their membership card or app.


What is the best way for me to get into the city?

Take the tram from right outside the Daniel. Or rent one of our vehicles – you can choose between brandnew Electro-Vespas or bikes.


How long does it take to walk into the city centre?

Within around 10 minutes you reach the city centre.


Where can I get tickets for the tram and when does the last one run?

Tickets: Either here at the hotel or on the tram. The last tram runs at 11:00 pm.


How long is the reception staffed in the evening?

We are always here for you! Around the clock, 24 hours a day.


Where is breakfast served?

In the loft (although it is worth noting that you will be able to smell it before you see it anyway…)


Where can I find the best shops?

Good question. The possibilities are endless. There is the Kastner & Öhler department store, the City Park shopping centre, the Herrengasse or the Mariahilferstraße. You can pick up further details and tips 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the Espresso bar and the reception.


Is there WLAN Internet? How does it work at the Daniel? How much does it cost?

Yes. It is easy-peasy to use and even better, totally free of charge!


How do I get to the airport?

Either take the shuttle bus or a taxi from the railway station or the train to S-Bahn station Flughafen Graz-Feldkirchen.


Where can I enjoy good Styrian food?

At the “Der Steirer” restaurant – right next to the Hotel Weitzer.


Where can I do my laundry?

At the laundrette on Griesplatz. Yes, we do still have one in Graz!


What time does breakfast start at the Daniel?

At 6:30 am and on the weekend at 7:00 am. Yaaaaawn!


Is there a sauna at the Daniel?



Can I leave my suitcase even after I have checked out?

Sure, no problem.


I’ve forgotten my toothbrush, it is 11:00 pm and I am totally exhausted. Help!

Relax: On the ground floor at the reception you will find everything that both men and women of the world need on a daily basis…


Are pets allowed - and what is the charge per day?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your pets to the Smart and Loggia rooms. In our LoftCube, no pets are allowed. There is a charge EUR 18 per day for your four-legged friend (not including food).




At which time I can get in - and have to leave?

In the hotel itself, of course, whenever you want … From 2pm you can throw yourself into the wonderful Daniel sheets in the room – but on departure day you should be out until 12pm, otherwise you will be surprised –
from our houskeeping team. Should you need the room longer, no problem – we’re flexible. Just ask our reception team on site.

Book Now!
Call us. It’s quick!
+43 316 711 080-0
Book Now!
Call us. It’s quick!
+43 316 711 080-0
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