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Making honey is no walk in the park

A bee has to visit 8 million flowers to make half a kilo of honey – it’s no wonder that the black and yellow striped buzzy bees sometimes reach speeds of 24 km/h.

But a bee is not simply a bee. There are many sorts of bee: the plasterer bee, the masked bee, the sand bee, mining bees, the apex-furrowed bee, the spiral horn bee, the hairy legged bee – a solitary miner bee, the mason bee, leaf cutter bees, wool-using bees, fur bees, the carpenter bee, solitary bees, the cuckoo bee and the bumble bee – yes, even the bumble bee belongs to the bee family. Although, honey is only made by the honey bee, more precisely the western honey bee – at least in our part of the world. They keep company with our new Boot on the 7th floor.

By the way – don’t be scared of bee stings. You’ll only come across those as a treat at our Bakery.

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