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Hotel Daniel Vienna
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Trailer Facts
Smart Luxury
  • bed 180 x 200 cm
  • free-standing bathtube
  • air conditioning
  • Safe
  • Flat-TV
  • WIFI

Daniel Rooms.

The aluminum skin reveals our sunny moods and architecture at the Daniel.

We love freedom. We love independence. We love travelling. Because travelling opens up the world to you and makes space for new impressions. For those of you, who really always want to keep the travelling feeling close, we have a trailer in the garden. As an island part to the hotel.

What applies at the Daniel also applies for the hotel surroundings. For the typical Daniel interior inclusive fold out bed and free standing bathtub (with view) we called in the experts! Professional boat interior designers. Obviously, the Trailer (22 ft Silver Creek Clipper, build year 1952) is heat and sound insulated. Now we actually don’t need to even mention air conditioning, heating, flat screen TV, telephone, wifi & Co. … and all of that starting from € 123 – City tax excluded (time for two our time for you, the price is the same – but you already know that).

Book Now!
Call us. It’s quick!
+43 1 90 131-0
Book Now!
Call us. It’s quick!
+43 1 90 131-0
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