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It's a question of appearances

From sculpture to sulpture

He squashes, blows up, bends and twists reality just to the extent that things are still just recognisable at a first glance. Only at the second glance does it irritate the eye. Erwin Wurm, (*1945 Bruck an der Mur) likes to go without ‘dripping seriousness’ if he can allude to narrow mindedness and social meetings.

E.g. the family house of original size is distorted to 1.5m wide and another lands on its roof on the MUMOK and museum visitors transform into ‘one minute sculptures’. This has made him into one of the most renowned international contemporary artists and turned Florian Weitzer into a big fan. Less pathos is more – it doesn’t matter where, whether on top of (or in) the hotel.

Photos: Colin Davidson, Elsa Okazaki, Paco Alcántara, gallery Xaver Huffkens, Tang Xuan, Studio Wurm

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