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International cusine

All points of the compass are covered with every taste and flavour. Of course in the Hotel Daniel Vienna Bakery.

Look up the definition of “cosmopolitan” in the dictionary and the Daniel Vienna immediately comes to mind. Our cosmopolitan approach to people of all backgrounds is mirrored by our approach to good food – which is why our bakery menu transcends national borders with such ease.

Compositions range from a delightful selection of delicious international starters and salad concoctions to sandwiches and special bakery burgers right through to steaks and original vegetarian dishes. Our choice of drinks includes specialities such as Turkey’s Ayran yoghurt beverages, Starobrno beer, Matcha honey lemonade or Turkish coffee. Goodness gracious me, it’s as if you could set off on a culinary tour of the world from right here in the heart of Vienna. And you won’t need a passport, by the way. Just a healthy appetite and some curiosity will do.

Check out our current menus:

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